YCEEYA: Business Owner’s Community

YCEEYA is an exclusive business owner’s platform online and offline. At YCEEYA we believe in business for the long term - so here, relationship matters. YCEEYA platform provides the ultimate business growth solution where solid business relationships are strengthened by consistent communication and efficient data management.

Our online platform helps organize and efficiently manage your communication and brand marketing. Our offline 1on1 networking helps build contacts, relationships and learning. We provide a platform exclusively for business, where the focus is always on your business development and success.

YCEEYA Networking

Worldwide, every business owner or entrepreneur understands the vital need to network in order to grow their business. The question is, are you part of a business network? More importantly, are you part of a business network that fuels your business growth? Whether you want new customers, repeat business, referrals or the attention of potential investors, you need to connect with the business marketplace. EFFECTIVE Business Networking dramatically reduces your business development cost and time, and helps your business long term.

Business networking is not about exchanging business cards! There are a plethora of tools and strategies such as elevator pitches, one-on-one meetings, strategic alliances, follow-ups and social media platforms that you need to master. Whether you are a pro or a newbie, our tools help you tremendously in honing your business networking skills. Our events are quality gatherings that help you grow into a power networker who gets real business out of networking meetings. We also strive to create a synergistic referral network for you, that will consistently help attract new business and clients.

YCEEYA Knowledge Share

A majority of entrepreneurs embark on their business journey with trade skills or a great idea, However, very few set forth with business skills. YCEEYA’S Knowledge Share programs are designed to engage members as they share their business development skills with the community. Most importantly, customer acquisition, sales techniques, business objectives, strategic planning, financial planning, fund raising, and much more are all topics you will find in YCEEYA’s Knowledge Share Culture.

Dedicated business workshops cost hundreds of dollars, and most small business owners do not have the time and money to take advantage of them. That is why our events feature condensed workshops that focus on just one aspect of business at a time. What is more, you get to mastermind specific topics as you interact with fellow business owners to find out how the featured information applies to your business.

YCEEYA events

YCEEYA is not just a business networking platform, it’s a business relationship building program that consistently helps you establish your presence in the market place. Delivering more than a venue for networking, YCEEYA has programs where you can showcase your business, exhibit your products and services. It is a platform where events are structured and organized to foster the exposure and growth of your business.

YCEEYA Co-Op Marketing

YCEEYA’s Co-Op Marketing programs are to help reduce cost and maximize results. The program focuses on exploring member to member business development activities and collective community action for better results. YCEEYA’s Co-Op Marketing programs are more than just your typical marketing efforts or brand building techniques -- the program’s goal is to initiate your sales process in a way that leads to long term business benefits.