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Write to us How can I contact yceeya Network? We invite you to write to us with your suggestions, comments and requests.

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Referrals What is the Referrals section? This section gives you the opportunity to post your business requirements, hence it acts as a platform to meet more people and get business. This is the best way for building strategic partnerships and building business relationships.
To Do List What does the To Do List feature? The To Do List features all the activities for the current date. You can see your scheduled meetings, appointments etc. Click on To Do List tab and it will take you to the communication page where you can find reminders, upcoming activities and events for your further notifications.
Business Discussion Where the business discussions take place? Tea Talk and Happy Hour events are conducted to give you the opportunity to discuss your business related issues. It covers the latest topics raised by members. Here you can rate posted topics and add your suggestions, opinions and comments. You can search topics by keywords, eg. authors name, authors associated country etc.

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Profile How can I make my profile more appealing and add value to my business? Numerous methods can be adapted to make your profile appealing for example; You can upload your business card and business videos to give real time information to your network.
Business How can I get more people acquainted with my business? Fill your business information and manage it on a regular basis so that other members and entrepreneurs can locate you easily if their needs match with your deliverables. You can brief about your services, clientele and preferred market. This information will help you widen your network globally and increase your chances to grow your business.
EDIT How can I edit the information I feed in? There is an edit option at each section. You can add, update and remove information at any time.


Add contacts How can I add new contact? In order to widen your business network, add relevant contacts that give you the opportunities to widen your professional network.
contacts How can I get the details of the members in my contact list? You can browse each profile to see their personal and professional details. You can also segregate your contacts in various sub-categories.
Invitations received How can I accept or ignore invitations? In the Invitations section you can view your invitations. You can have a look on their profile. You have the liberty to accept or ignore the invitations. The accepted invitations will automatically move to your contact list.
Invitation sent How can I see the status of invitations I send? The Invitations Sent bar will contain the list of invitations sent by you. If someone accepts your invitation they will be added to your contact list and will no longer be listed under this section. If someone has not taken any action, then their status will be pending. If someone ignores or rejects your invitation then the status will be shown as invitation rejected. If you send the invitee to a wrong persona, you can remove that invitation.
Business contacts What is the Business Contacts section? Business Contact is a modified version of CRM. This is the place where you can manage your offline contacts online. Here you can save your business/ companies database and manage them as your business prospects. You can also send them an invitation to join Yceeya and work collaboratively.

viewing Others profile

Email me How can I send an email? You can send email to the person whose profile you are currently viewing. The system will automatically use their email address. Write your message and press the send button.
Send File How can I send a file? You can attach a file and send it across to people in your contact list.
Project Group What is the Project Group feature? Reminder sections
Reminder How is the Reminder function different from the To Do List function? The To Do List shows activities for that day while, Reminder lists will include the activities you forgot to do on a particular date. Whether its a phone call, an email, a meeting or event, everything will be listed under reminder if action no action has been taken. Here you can see what you forgot and can reschedule or remove the activities created. The Change in activity will be reflected under yours as well as invited person communication list based on the new mentioned date.
To Do list Is the To Do List on the Home page the same as the To Do List located under Communication section? Yes, To Do List located at the Home Page and under Communication is the same. Home page To Do List is the direct way to reach the full list of todays activity without going through the communication tab. Here you can see details of activities and even reschedule or remove activities you previously created. You can accept or reject meetings or event invitations that have been sent to you.
Upcoming Events What activities are included under the Upcoming Activities section? Upcoming Activity includes all the upcoming meetings, events and other scheduled activities. This is prior notification for you to be prepared for the upcoming schedule. You can see the details and accept or reject others invitations. You can reschedule dates, edit, update and remove activities created by you. The invitees will be immediately notified of any change through the Status feature, located under the same list on receiver side. It will also list personal activities like having to email a contact to set up a call without reflecting under the status list of the contact in question. This means only you will be able to see your personal set activities.
Meetings What is the Meetings section all about? The meeting section is a place where you can find all meetings scheduled by you as well as meeting invitations sent to you. This section separates your important business meetings from other activities. You can edit and update details, and also remove or reschedule meetings created by you. You can accept or reject meetings. The action taken will be reflected in the status of all the parties concerned.
Events How do I create an event? In the Event section you can create and manage your event details. You can create, edit, update and remove events. You can accept or reject invitations sent to you. You can create paid and free events. For paid events, you need to enter the fee the attendees. The status column will indicate whether it is a paid or free event. The Detail Page will show the list of people attending the event. This feature will help you to manage, organize and facilitate events based on number of attendees.


Create Ads How do I post ads? Create Ads gives you the sponsorship opportunity. You need to provide basic information about the services or product along with banner attachment you would like to market. Your ads will be visible to the target market on the right hand side of Yceeya pages. Target markets will be selected by you at the time of publishing your advertisement. It can be based on industry and country which will help target the right consumer.
Message Where can I view messages? The message tab works just like the text message. If someone views your profile and sends a message to you box, you will get that message delivered to your inbox. You will also get messages in your inbox when someone replies to you via the referral box.
Inbox What mails will be sent to my inbox? Whenever you become a part of any new project, you will receive a confirmation mail in your Inbox.
Library What is the Library feature? This is an online library where you can create content on different topics related to different industries and functions. You can upload topics related documents and pictures. You can add, update or delete your content at any time. You can search topics based on different criteria (given below) and comment on topics posted by others. You can rate topics and can also add these topics to your own library on profile page.
Dashboard What is the function of the Dashboard? Dashboard is the section where you can manage your posts and content. You can edit, update or delete the content. If someone posts any comment on your posts it will be listed under the Comment link. You can accept or reject these comments based on the content. Once the comment is accepted it will become public.
Add new content What can I do with the Add New Content section? From the Add New Content section you can add new topics to the library. You can attach documents to support your content.
Add Selected How do I use the Add Selected function? After searching for and finding a topic you are interested in, you can add it to your own library page by clicking the Add Selected option.